November 2017

COMMUNITY ART WORKSHOP - SAVE THE DATE! - WORKSHOP POSTPONED! Stay tuned to our Facebook page or website for more details. 

An upcoming January art workshop seeks public input for a proposed art installation on the Pier 86 Terminal.

This community involvement will be held on Saturday, January 13, 10 a.m. – noon, at the SAM Olympic Sculpture Garden PACCAR Pavilion at the corner of Western Ave. and Broad Street.

The theme of the projection art will center on Seattle’s past, present and future, drawing on the region’s rich natural environment, history and cultural traditions. The first art will go from the past to an envisioned future.

Workshop facilitators’ artist Nicole Kistler and Salish storyteller Paul Wagner will seek the community’s symbols of the future.  Those symbols will be featured in the inaugural art to be projected on Pier 86’s rectangle grain elevator.   

Kistler’s “previous Illuminated Ghosts” as part of the “Duwamish Revealed” project, 2015-2016, featured images of the old growth cedars along the Duwamish River.   Wagner of the Vancouver Island Saanich tribe will share his costal knowledge with traditional stories. 

Kistler’s plan is to project images of the 300 foot firs that once rimmed Elliott Bay and then fade into smaller trees with symbols of the of the future.   This inaugural project will be a pilot test of projection art on the Pier 86 structures.

Funded by the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fun, the event is sponsored by Friends of Art on Pier 86 (FAP86), a group of local volunteers who had determined the project’s feasibility and who will be present at the workshop and available to answer questions.

For more information, visit FAP86 at   or