January 2017 UPDATES

“A Projector, a Projector! My Kingdom for a projector!”

FAP86 seeks a 12,000 lumens LED projector, either by loan or donation or by funds for the $20,000 cost.  This specific LED projector must have wireless upload of image & remote control for the first illuminated art installation on the Pier 86 grain terminal and silos.

 The initial artist, Nicole Kistler, has a King County 4Culture $10,000 grant as seed money for the Pier 86 project, which will cost three times as much.  Individual donors and Local 19, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, raised almost $5,000 additional funds.  Thus, the projector is all that is needed.

 Kistler, whose “Illuminated Ghosts," was the luminaire art on the Lafarge silos that represented the 300 foot cedars once surrounding Elliott Bay.  For Pier 86 she plans an additional "Illuminated Ghosts" version of the mammoth firs that once sustained native peoples prior to the Euro-Americans’ arrival.

 Luminaire art was found to be the most feasible medium for the Pier 86 working facility after a 2016 feasibility study funded by a Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods 2016 grant and now found on FAP86’s website and facebook page. The prominent site is seen by much of Seattle.

 FAP86’s overall goal is to present curated, rotating illumination plan and set up rotating illuminate projects to highlight Seattle’s working waterfront: past, present and future. The first installation on Pier 86 highlights the past of the original Elliott Bay area.

 FAP86 has the endorsement of the Seattle Art Museum and the partnership of the Seattle Parks Foundation and the Port of Seattle.  

 We’ve added these Seattle Artists and Community Advisory Members:

 Addie Dunlap  Seattle Central Area Photographer & Activist

 Nathan Germain:  Steinbrueck Native Galley Curator

 Yoko Mureo :   Capitol Hill Artist & Choreographer

 Ernie Thomas :   Seward Park area Artist

 Daniel Winterbottom :   UW Professor of Landscape Architecture