Artist Nicole Kistler just received a King County 4Culture $10,000. grant for the 2017 first luminaire installation on the Pier 86 site.  Kistler's previous"Illuminated Ghosts," represented the 300 foot cedars that once ringed Eilliott Bay and the Duwamish River, and was shown on the Lafarge Silos as part of the 2015 Duwamish Revealed Project.  In 2016 her "Outburst, Pike Street Hillclimb" is part of the Pike Street Hillclimb, as part of the Seattle Waterfront art.  

 Outburst, Pike Street Hillclimb

Nicole Kistler unleashed a sleeping goddess and transformed the west side of the elevator tower of Pike Street Hillclimb. The artwork portrayed the arms of a once-sleeping goddess emerging from an abundance of vines and growth, reaching to the sky and stars.