Position Announcement - Project Coordinator

FAP86 seeks to hire a Project Coordinator to oversee the implementation of illuminated art on the Pier 86 grain elevator.

The Coordinator’s responsibilities include acquiring specialized projector/s for the illuminated art and overseeing their operation; and managing the two art installations planned for 2018. The Coordinator will assist in hiring two artists and facilitating community workshops to gather public input on the images to be projected.

In addition, the Coordinator will interact with the Port of Seattle; supervise a Webmaster who will update the FAP86 website to assure optimal community outreach and public awareness of the project; develop and execute a marketing plan to promote and organize the art opening events. The project-based position continues through 2018 and pays $7800.

Qualifications include strong administrative skills and experience working with government agencies and community organizations in developing and executing public art.  All applicants will be considered, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.

To apply, submit a letter of interest with related experience, vita,  and three references to David S. Levinson, 2801 First Ave., #1108, Seattle, WA 98121. Review will begin February 7.  

Additional contact information for Mr. Levinson:   dslesq@gmail.com or (206) 441-2942


November 2017

COMMUNITY ART WORKSHOP - SAVE THE DATE! - WORKSHOP POSTPONED! Stay tuned to our Facebook page or website for more details. 

An upcoming January art workshop seeks public input for a proposed art installation on the Pier 86 Terminal.

This community involvement will be held on Saturday, January 13, 10 a.m. – noon, at the SAM Olympic Sculpture Garden PACCAR Pavilion at the corner of Western Ave. and Broad Street.

The theme of the projection art will center on Seattle’s past, present and future, drawing on the region’s rich natural environment, history and cultural traditions. The first art will go from the past to an envisioned future.

Workshop facilitators’ artist Nicole Kistler and Salish storyteller Paul Wagner will seek the community’s symbols of the future.  Those symbols will be featured in the inaugural art to be projected on Pier 86’s rectangle grain elevator.   

Kistler’s “previous Illuminated Ghosts” as part of the “Duwamish Revealed” project, 2015-2016, featured images of the old growth cedars along the Duwamish River.   Wagner of the Vancouver Island Saanich tribe will share his costal knowledge with traditional stories. 

Kistler’s plan is to project images of the 300 foot firs that once rimmed Elliott Bay and then fade into smaller trees with symbols of the of the future.   This inaugural project will be a pilot test of projection art on the Pier 86 structures.

Funded by the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fun, the event is sponsored by Friends of Art on Pier 86 (FAP86), a group of local volunteers who had determined the project’s feasibility and who will be present at the workshop and available to answer questions.

For more information, visit FAP86 at www.fap86.com   or     www.facebook.com/fap86


January 2017 UPDATES

“A Projector, a Projector! My Kingdom for a projector!”

FAP86 seeks a 12,000 lumens LED projector, either by loan or donation or by funds for the $20,000 cost.  This specific LED projector must have wireless upload of image & remote control for the first illuminated art installation on the Pier 86 grain terminal and silos.

 The initial artist, Nicole Kistler, has a King County 4Culture $10,000 grant as seed money for the Pier 86 project, which will cost three times as much.  Individual donors and Local 19, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, raised almost $5,000 additional funds.  Thus, the projector is all that is needed.

 Kistler, whose “Illuminated Ghosts," was the luminaire art on the Lafarge silos that represented the 300 foot cedars once surrounding Elliott Bay.  For Pier 86 she plans an additional "Illuminated Ghosts" version of the mammoth firs that once sustained native peoples prior to the Euro-Americans’ arrival.

 Luminaire art was found to be the most feasible medium for the Pier 86 working facility after a 2016 feasibility study funded by a Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods 2016 grant and now found on FAP86’s website and facebook page. The prominent site is seen by much of Seattle.

 FAP86’s overall goal is to present curated, rotating illumination plan and set up rotating illuminate projects to highlight Seattle’s working waterfront: past, present and future. The first installation on Pier 86 highlights the past of the original Elliott Bay area.

 FAP86 has the endorsement of the Seattle Art Museum and the partnership of the Seattle Parks Foundation and the Port of Seattle.  

 We’ve added these Seattle Artists and Community Advisory Members:

 Addie Dunlap  Seattle Central Area Photographer & Activist

 Nathan Germain:  Steinbrueck Native Galley Curator

 Yoko Mureo :   Capitol Hill Artist & Choreographer

 Ernie Thomas :   Seward Park area Artist

 Daniel Winterbottom :   UW Professor of Landscape Architecture


Artist Nicole Kistler just received a King County 4Culture $10,000. grant for the 2017 first luminaire installation on the Pier 86 site.  Kistler's previous"Illuminated Ghosts," represented the 300 foot cedars that once ringed Eilliott Bay and the Duwamish River, and was shown on the Lafarge Silos as part of the 2015 Duwamish Revealed Project.  In 2016 her "Outburst, Pike Street Hillclimb" is part of the Pike Street Hillclimb, as part of the Seattle Waterfront art.  

 Outburst, Pike Street Hillclimb

Nicole Kistler unleashed a sleeping goddess and transformed the west side of the elevator tower of Pike Street Hillclimb. The artwork portrayed the arms of a once-sleeping goddess emerging from an abundance of vines and growth, reaching to the sky and stars.



Giving Tuesday.jpg

Save the date: #GivingTuesday 2016 is November 29th. Help bring illumination art to Seattle’s waterfront by giving to Friends of Art on Pier 86. It’s easy. Give online at: 


Our goal for Giving Tuesday is $10,000. With your contribution and grants, we hope to bring local artist Nicole Kistler’s “Trees” to the waterfront early in 2017.



Moving Forward!

With a newly completed feasibility study we are now focusing on fundraising to install luminaire art on the Pier 86 grain elevator and silo structures.

To fulfill the theme of "Seattle's Waterfront Heritage: Past, Present, Future," the initial objective is to place Nicole Kistler's "Illuminated Ghosts" on the south terminal wall during the winter of 2017.
This projected art, depicting the forested Seattle area before settlement, will demonstrate the power of illumination art and will offer the community a chance to respond to this light art.
If the public response is positive, the follow-up plan is to partner with Seattle institutions and create a five-year curated, rotating episodic illuminated art installation on the North, South and Western seaward faces of the Pier 86 structures. 

This proposal would honor the site's past and current working industrial site, highlight Seattle's new Elliott Bay waterfront improvements, build community with a notable icon, and revel in Seattle's rich diverse bay and shoreline area.

To help with the expenses of a projector, the artist and technician,  please donate to our FAP86 501(c)(3) link with the Seattle Parks Foundation.

View the most recent draft of the Feasibility Study.

FRIENDS OF Art on Pier 86




·       Public Art is possible on the Pier 86 Grain Elevator & Silos

·       Work could be done without interference with Pier 86 operations & security


What art is possible


·       Paint, Banners, Lights, Video Loops, Stencil Art & even Reverse Graffiti

·       Temporary or permanent installations;  large scale or small adjacent to path

·       Not practical nor suitable: Plant growth  or plant sculptures on the silos 



·       Recommendation preference:  “Celebrate Seattle’s Waterfront Heritage”


·       Upon  approval of the Port of Seattle and sufficient funds available

·       Installation would occur during the slowest time of the year for the operator, June-September, which coincides with the best weather for outdoor work


·       Silos, any or all sides, & grain elevator

·       It would be difficult to put art on the chutes & conveyor belt over the water

·       Easiest side would be on the waterfront side

Estimated costs

·       Range: $126,000 to $3.1 million on other silo sites 

·       Encompass finalist awards, artist fees, travel, accommodation, administrative costs, materials, insurance, installation, curation, maintenance

·       Range depends upon number of structures & type of art


·       Maintenance & curatorial fees will depend on art type selected   

Funding Sources

·       Private fundraising, local & national philanthropists & businesses

·       Public: Grants & Competitions

Public Support

·       Steering Committee: Representatives from neighboring community councils & alliance, unions, businesses 

·       Letters of support from neighboring groups for a Feasibility Study

·       Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Small & Simple Grant Award

·       Community survey shows over 60 % favor public art on site

·       Continual communication via two all community meetings & monthly updates to community groups

Next steps

·       With approval of the final Feasibility Study, the Port of Seattle will decide whether and how to move forward. 

·       They might keep the FAP86 Steering Committee or assemble a new cross-functional community/stakeholder committee to oversee a selected project manager to finalize a theme, issue a Call for Artists and raise funds.






All Community Meeting: Pier 86 Structures as Public Art

Olympic Sculpture Park photo courtesy of SAM

Olympic Sculpture Park photo courtesy of SAM

On September 29 Seattle residents will have a chance to learn about the on-going DON feasibility study on art on the grain elevator & silos soon.

To be held at SAM 's Sculpture Park Pavilion (corner of Broad & Western), 7 p.m., the meeting will have consultant Lesley Bain, Framework, and others discuss the feasibility findings thus far and garner neighborhood feedback. 

Also attending will be the local politicians, such as State Rep. Reuven Carlyle and others, as well as port officials.  

FAP86 (Friends of Art on Pier 86) will have refreshments available and discounted parking has been provided onsite by Republic Parking for $3.00. 

John Coney

We sadly report that after battling leukemia John Coney, long-time community activist and FAP 86 Steering Committee member, died on August 7.  We will greatly miss John, one of the originators of the Uptown Alliance, the prime pusher for the Thomas Street Overpass into Myrtle Edwards Park, and numerous other Queen Anne endeavors.