- What is the Let There Be Light program about?    
Five years ago local volunteers decided to explore the possibility of bringing art to the iconic grain silos and elevator located at Pier 86 on the Seattle waterfront, north of Myrtle Edwards Park. A steering committee was formed called the Friends of Art on Pier 86 (FAP86). 
In 2016 FAP86’s Feasibility Study determined that light art would be optimal on the 24/7 working site; thus, the idea of “illuminated art”.
Since then they’ve worked closely with the Port of Seattle, the City of Seattle and surrounding neighborhoods to raise the necessary funds and permissions to move forward with the project. By 2018, FAP86 raised funds through grants and private donations to produce the Let There Be Light program featuring two exhibits with accompanying workshops and opening events.

- What is the timing of the program?   
Call for Art - August 2018
Community Workshop - September 30th, 2018
December Exhibits
December 7th-9th, 2018
December 14th-21st, 2018


- Who is going to select the art?   
The art has been selected by the Project Coordinator, Mollie Bryan and the art selection sub committee of FAP86.

- Who will produce the art?   
FAP86 has hired Project Coordinator, Mollie Bryan, to help them produce the program which includes coordinating the call for art, acquiring the specialized projectors required for such a large exhibit, hiring the artists, facilitating the community workshops/events and managing the projected art installations.

- What is the impact to the environment?     
Part of the vision of the “Let There Be Light” program is to showcase the great impact projection art can have while leaving no footprint or waste behind. The footprint of the installation production will be approximately 10x10 and temporary. 

- What times with the art be projected?  
Dec 7th-9th
Dec 14th-21st
Approximately 6pm-10pm

- Who owns the grain elevators?    
The grain elevators are a working facility owned by the Port of Seattle and leased to a private company that operates it.

- How will neighborhoods be involved &  informed?    
Members of the Steering Committee from surrounding neighborhood councils are charged with giving monthly updates.  Check our website or join our mailing list for updates. The public is also welcome to attend our Community Workshop on September 30th, 2018 to hear more about the program. 

- Can I know more about the elevators?   
The Terminal 86 Grain Elevator is one of the most prominent landmarks north on Seattle’s Elliott Bay.  Grain Ships anchored two even three at a time wait to fill up–signs of a strong Midwestern harvest of corn and soybeans and the heavy international demand for U.S. commodities. The terminal occupies 17 acres (7 hectares) and have 68 working silos.
These installations will be projected onto the south side of the grain terminal head house which is 222’ x 77’.

- How can I get involved?      Join our mailing list! (see below)